Trapped VR - 1 Suite (for groups of 2-4 players)

From GBP £60.00
  • Duration: 60 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: East Village, Stratford, London

Covid-19 - We ask that all players wear a face covering throughout and adhere to 1M+ social distancing at all times.

Trapped Escape Rooms presents Trapped in Virtual Reality, a VR adventure game where you and friends are on a mission to solve the digital puzzle in your choice of Cosmos or Mind Horror.


In a storyline straight out of a Black Mirror episode, you and your fellow cyber-detectives must enter the mind of prolific serial killer, the Silent Man. You have 45 minutes in his mind to locate an abducted child that's in an unknown location. Face puzzles and mystery to discover and save the child.


An unknown entity has taken control of your space station and it has triggered a self-destruction sequence. The timer ticks down from 45 minutes as you enter the control of a station droid to navigate zero-gravity and escape room style exercises to save the station from this extra-terrestrial force.